Memory Overclocking World Record History

On this page you can find the history of the memory overclocking world record from 235.5 MHz (DDR) in 2000 to 5627.3 MHz (DDR5) in 2023. I also include the highest recorded memory frequency for different memory types, including SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, DDR2 SDRAM, DDR3 SDRAM, DDR4 SDRAM, and DDR5 SDRAM.

The memory overclocking record holds significant importance within the realm of computer enthusiasts and overclocking communities. Pushing the limits of memory performance through overclocking involves increasing the operating frequency and adjusting timings beyond the manufacturer’s specifications.

Achieving a world record in memory overclocking showcases the remarkable expertise, technical prowess, and ingenuity of the overclocker, as well as the potential of modern computer hardware. These records not only inspire and motivate enthusiasts to push their own boundaries but also drive innovation in memory technology.

Manufacturers often take note of such accomplishments, using them as benchmarks to improve their products and develop faster, more efficient memory modules. Additionally, the memory overclocking record serves as a symbol of the relentless pursuit of performance, breaking barriers, and reaching new frontiers in the ever-evolving field of computer hardware.

A Note to the Reader

Over the past decade or so I’ve been collecting information on memory overclocking record and related benchmark records. During my time at the benchmark aggregator HWBOT, from March 2006 until January 2018, it was easy to keep track of the latest CPU frequency world records. For most record keeping during that time, I refer to the HWBOT database and my personal involvement in the overclocking scene.

For data prior to joining HWBOT, I rely on discussion topics and news articles, CPU-Z’s official Hall of Fame, and older record aggregators such as and Son’s WCPUID MAX Ranking. The latter was a Japanese database which was very active during the years 2000 – 2003.

I believe the world record timeline data is fairly accurate, though as with all historical record-keeping may be updated.


(PS: I also track the CPU frequency world record history)

Memory Overclocking World Record History Graph

Memory Overclocking World Record History Table

November 13, 20235824.2DDR5HicookieGIGABYTE
October 31, 20235824.1DDR5lupin_no_musume
October 20, 20235809.2DDR5HicookieGIGABYTE
October 2, 20235806.5DDR5lupin_no_musumeSK Hynix
June 7, 20235627.3DDR5HicookieGIGABYTE
June 6, 20235626.6DDR5Seby9123G.Skill
June 6, 20235616.4DDR5HicookieGIGABYTE
June 5, 20235613.6DDR5Seby9123G.Skill
January 17, 20235612.3DDR5HicookieGIGABYTE
January 10, 20235567.5DDR5HicookieGIGABYTE
October 20, 20225564.8DDR5lupin_no_musumeIntel
July 13, 20225300.3DDR5lupin_no_musumeIntel
July 5, 20225275.9DDR5lupin_no_musumeASUSTeK x R.O.G
July 5, 20225254.1DDR5Kovan YangIntel
June 24, 20225111.7DDR5HicookieIntel
May 24, 20225050DDR5lupin_no_musumeG.SKILL
April 27, 20225011.0DDR5HicookieGIGABYTE
April 26, 20225001.8DDR5Kovan YangKingston Fury
January 12, 20224779.7DDR5Lupin_no_musumeG.SKILL
November 3, 20214352.3DDR5HocayuG.SKILL
October 29, 20214335.4DDR5Kovan YangKingston Fury
October 28, 20214124.2DDR5SplaveKingston Fury
October 8, 20214058.8DDR5XPG Overclocking LabADATA
October 1, 20214004.1DDR5?GIGABYTE
April 16, 20213600.2DDR4KovanKingston
March 30, 20213578.2DDR4KovanKingston
March 29, 20213536.2DDR4ToppcV-Color
February 6, 20213453.1DDR4HocayuV-Color
August 17, 20203333.3DDR4Bianbao XECrucial
May 14, 20203332.7DDR4BianbaoG.SKILL
October 25, 20193027.2DDR4OGSCrucial
October 24, 20193018DDR4OGSCrucial
October 24, 20193012.2DDR4BianbaoCrucial
September 10, 20193008.4DDR4ToppcG.SKILL
August 6, 20192950.7DDR4Kovan YangKingston
May 29, 20192943.2DDR4ToppcG.SKILL
May 28, 20192901.4DDR4Kovan YangG.SKILL
May 27, 20192879.4DDR4OGSCrucial
May 19, 20192868.8DDR4Adata_XPGADATA
May 16, 20192863DDR4OGSCrucial
May 13, 20192817.1DDR4Adata_XPGADATA
January 14, 20192804.4DDR4ToppcKingston
January 8, 20192791.6DDR4Adata_XPGADATA
October 19, 20182782.9DDR4HocayuG.SKILL
May 30, 20182771.5DDR4ToppcG.SKILL
May 30, 20182770.7DDR4Kovan YangG.SKILL
May 30, 20182765.6DDR4Kovan YangAdata
October 5, 20172764.6DDR4HocayuG.SKILL
June 6, 20172750DDR4ToppcG.SKILL
June 3, 20172734.3DDR4ToppcG.SKILL
June 3, 20172731.8DDR4NickShihG.SKILL
May 30, 20172700DDR4ToppcG.SKILL
May 30, 20172699DDR4ToppcG.SKILL
May 29, 20172644DDR4SplaveG.SKILL
March 30, 20172640DDR4AudigyTeamgroup
February 27, 20172631.4DDR4SplaveTeamgroup
January 13, 20172630.4DDR4AudigyTeamgroup
June 4, 20162594.6DDR4SplaveG.SKILL
June 3, 20162515.9DDR4racoonZadak511
May 25, 20162501.2DDR4ToppcG.SKILL
May 24, 20162451.8DDR4ToppcG.SKILL
August 18, 20152450.8DDR4Chi-Kui LamG.SKILL
August 11, 20152419DDR4HicookieG.SKILL
August 5, 20152397.7DDR4Chi-Kui LamG.SKILL
June 30, 20142310.1DDR3sofos1990HyperX
June 5, 20142282.8DDR3HicookieHyperX
August 9, 20132202DDR3TeamAUG.SKILL
June 12, 20132145.2DDR3NickShihCorsair
June 11, 20132144.6DDR3HiwaG.SKILL
June 10, 20132142.8DDR3NickShihTeamgroup
June 9, 20132141.6DDR3HiwaG.SKILL
June 5, 20132115.6DDR3Christian NeyG.SKILL
November 12, 20121950.3DDR3Christian NeyG.SKILL
August 31, 20121937.9DDR3Christian NeyAvexir
August 19, 20121922.9DDR3Christian NeyG.SKILL
June 25, 20121921.8DDR3John LamG.SKILL
June 20, 20121919.6DDR3Christian NeyG.SKILL
May 29, 20121918.5DDR3TK-OCG.SKILL
February 28, 20121868.3DDR3Christian NeyG.SKILL
December 3, 20111800.1DDR3matoseKingston
November 22, 20111733.8DDR3PlanetCorsair
November 22, 20111661.5DDR3PlanetCorsair
November 9, 20111655.6DDR3_mat_ADATA
March 21, 20111625.6DDR3_mat_Corsair
March 21, 20111614.2DDR3splmannCorsair
March 19, 20111577.1DDR3splmannCorsair
February 28, 20111575.1DDR3SF3DCorsair
September 28, 20101553.4DDR3_mat_Corsair
September 3, 20101539.2DDR3_mat_Corsair
August 21, 20101534DDR3MarmottCorsair
February 9, 20091352.2DDR3TBDA-Data
December 19, 20081346.2DDR3XenicSamsung
October 5, 20081341.2DDR3Over@locker886Kingmax
September 28, 20071304.1DDR3JtChen2002Micron
September 28, 20071178.9DDR3JtChen2002Micron
July 18, 20071156DDR3DavMicron
July 2, 20071150.2DDR3JtChen2002Micron
June 4, 20071146DDR3P35TDQ6Micron
June 1, 20071144.2DDR3X-965Micron
May 31, 20071140DDR3DavidMicron
January 27, 2007716.1DDR2Jmax_ocCrucial
September 8, 2006697DDR2光弘G.SKILL
May 18, 2006645DDR2FunaA-Data
May 7, 2006628.9DDR2VigorCrucial
January 22, 2006626.8DDR2WwwwwCorsair
January 11, 2005614.9DDR2Cal930Corsair
December 2, 2004449.7DDR2Maiko
November 17, 2004430.1DDR2Maiko
October 31, 2004417.1DDR2Kaz-nCorsair
September 22, 2004368DDR2MaikoCorsair
July 29, 2004359DDR2VFD
July 28, 2004349.88DDRいいさんA-Data
July 27, 2004347.63DDRTanukiA-Data
April 12, 2004325.1DDRCIMATwinmos
July 12, 2003314.1DDRTAMA-Data
July 1, 2003296.2DDR光弘Transcend
May 11, 2003291.7DDRTAMA-Data
November 3, 2002286.8DDRVigorV-Data
October 27, 2002285.7DDRほりっちょA-Data
July 19, 2002258.7DDRKaz-n
June 29, 2002257.3DDRだんなSamsung
June 23, 2002240.0DDRAguriSamsung
May 30, 2002235.5DDRNeuroKingmax

Memory Overclocking World Record History Graph (Per Type)

Memory Overclocking World Record History Table (Per Type)

DDR5November 11, 20235824.2HicookieGIGABYTE
DDR4April 16, 20213600.2Kovan YangKingston
DDR3June 30, 20142310.1Sofos1990HyperX
DDR2July 17, 2019910.1NoxiniteCrucial
DDROctober 5, 2014447.8KotoriTeam Group
SDRJune 29, 2021257.3TerraRaptorMushkin