GIGABYTE PBO Enhancement

GIGABYTE PBO Enhancement, formerly known as Performance Bung, is a performance-oriented technology which provides preset profiles to configure Precision Boost Overdrive.

The profiles configure two things specifically:

  1. The maximum allowed temperature
  2. An all-core Curve Optimizer setting
gigabyte pbo enhancement

For example, the “90 Level 2” profile will set the maximum temperature to 90 degrees Celsius, down from the default of 95 degrees Celsius, and an all-core Curve Optimizer of -20. Note that the preset will not override any factory-fused hard limits. For example, on the 7000X3D CPUs the maximum allowed temperature is 89 degrees Celsius. If you set a 90 Level profile, while the preset will configure a maximum temperature of 90 degrees Celsius, the actual limit will still be 89 degrees Celsius.

gigabyte pbo enhancement

You can select your preferred profile based on the maximum temperature you’re comfortable with and how well your CPU can undervolt. Obviously, a lower maximum temperature will yield lower CPU frequency in all-core workloads and a higher negative Curve Optimizer will push the CPU frequency higher at similar voltage.

Note that PBO Enhancement does not adjust the Precision Boost power limits. So you want to make sure the PPT, TDC, and EDC are also set correctly to maximize the performance.

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