GIGABYTE Active OC Tuner

GIGABYTE Active OC Tuner allows active switching between AMD Precision Boost Overdrive and OC mode on AMD Ryzen processors.

It is available exclusively on select GIGABYTE X570S motherboards including the GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Xtreme 2.0, GIGABYTE X570S AORUS Master, GIGABYTE X570S AORUS Pro AX, and GIGABYTE X570S AERO G.

AOCT is short for Active OC Tuner and is GIGABYTE’s very clever way of solving one of AMD’s biggest problems when overclocking.

While Precision Boost Overdrive provides the best benchmark performance in single and low-threaded benchmark applications, the best multi-threaded performance is achieved by manually overclocking. So, you have to compromise best single threaded performance or best multi-threaded performance.

Active OC Tuner gives us the best of both worlds as it allows the system to actively switch between Precision Boost Overdrive and manual OC mode. AOCT requires little additional configuration work.

Think about AOCT as follows: it is exactly like Precision Boost Overdrive, but the lowest frequency is manually set by us. So, we need to know two things:

  1. What is the lowest frequency we will allow?
  2. At which point do we want AOCT to switch between PBO and OC Mode?

Sadly, we cannot simply configure a minimum frequency and have the system switch based on that. Instead, we need to use a proxy metric: a certain current threshold or a certain temperature threshold. There is not one specific method of determining the right threshold, so I’ll show you one example using Cinebench R23.

Okay, for our lowest frequency we choose our manual overclock from Strategy 2B of SkatterBencher #26 which is an average frequency across all cores of 4587 MHz.

In the Operating System, we first open HW Info. We make sure we can monitor both the Effective Clock Frequency and the Current (IOUT).

gigabyte active oc tuner finding value with cinebench r23

Then we start the Cinebench R23 multi-threaded benchmark workload and change the affinity to 1 core in task manager. Now monitor the effective clock frequency. It will be higher than our target of 4587 MHz. Now you can gradually increase the Cinebench R23 thread count. When you reach 4587 MHz or below, check the Current (IOUT) reading. This value will be our input for the AOCT CPU Current Limit.

In our case, we reach the frequency of 4587 MHz at 5 active threads. The current varies between 42 and 48 amps. To be on the safe side we pick 46A as the CPU Current Limit.

So, to reiterate what’s happening: AOCT will switch between OC mode and PBO when the CPU current hits 46A. Anything above 46A will engage manual OC mode; anything below 46A will engage Precision Boost Overdrive.

gigabyte active oc tuner diagram

Now let’s configure the system:

gigabyte active oc tuner in bios

GIGABYTE Active OC Tuner in SkatterBencher Guides

We use GIGABYTE Active OC Tuner in the following SkatterBencher guides:

  • SkatterBencher #26: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Overclocked to 5223 MHz (link)