ASUS Memory Presets

ASUS Memory Presets is an ASUS overclocking technology that provides you with a selection of memory tuning presets for certain memory ICs. The presets will adjust the memory timings and voltages.

Z77 Presets

The technology was first introduced in 2012 on Z77 and has been present on select ASUS ROG motherboards ever since. The memory profiles available differ from platform to platform. On the Maximus V Extreme, for example, there were no less than 14 profiles available for a variety of ICs and memory configurations.

  • Elpida Hyper Profile
  • Tight 2x2GB Elpida BBSE Profile
  • Tight 4x2GB Elpida BBSE Profile
  • Loose Elpida BBSE Profile
  • Tight 2x2GB PSC Profile
  • Tight 4x2GB PSC Profile
  • Loose PSC Profile
  • Tight Hynix Profile
  • Loose Hynix Profile
  • Tight 2x4GB Samsung Profile
  • Medium 2x4GB Samsung Profile
  • Tight 4x4GB Samsung Profile
  • RAW MHZ Profile
  • 1.85v TridentX Profile
asus memory presets

W790 Presets

On the ASUS Pro WS W790E-Sage motherboard there are 4 presets available, two each for Hynix and Micron.

  • Hynix 6000MHz 1.4V 8x16G SR
  • Hynix 6800MHz 1.4V 8x16G SR
  • Micron 5500MHz 1.25V 8x16G SR
  • Micron 5500MHz 1.25V 8x32G DR