ASUS DIMM Flex is an ASUS overclocking technology that enables dynamic memory performance based on the memory operating temperature.

asus dimm flex

It is in part based on an Intel technology called Dynamic Memory Boost which enables at runtime switching between JEDEC and XMP 3.0 profiles.

ASUS goes one step further with DIMM Flex as they added a proprietary circuitry on the board to measure the memory temperature. Then, similar to ASUS Core Flex, you can define three memory performance levels which will activate based on the operating temperature. Level 1 is the default until you’ve entered the operating system.

For each of the three levels, you can define the temperature threshold value, the memory frequency, and a long list of memory timings.

On the ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore, there are also three preset profiles.

  • Hynix 8533/8266/8000MHz 1.61 2x16GB SR
  • Hynix 8533/8266/8000MHz 1.61 2x24GB SR
  • Hynix 8800/8400/8000MHz 1.61 2x16GB SR

The presets set the temperature threshold for Level 2 at 45 degrees Celsius and 55 degrees Celsius for Level 3.

So if we were to pick the first preset, the the base memory frequency would be DDR5-8533 up to 45 degrees Celsius memory temperature, then downclock to DDR5-8200 when the temperature exceeds 45 degrees Celsius, and then downclock once more to DDR5-8000 when the temperature is above 55 degrees Celsius.

dimm flex profiles