Foundation Toolkit

foundation toolkit

The Foundation Toolkit is the first-ever cloud-based CPU customization application built with the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU) SDK. It is currently in a proof-of-concept stage as we are gathering additional resources to bring a fully commercial product to market.

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It is the result of a collaboration between Matthias Zronek (BenchMate) and Pieter-Jan Plaisier (SkatterBencher), two long-time PC DIY enthusiasts with multiple decades of CPU tuning and overclocking experience between them.

The Foundation Toolkit was announced by Intel during the launch of the 14th generation Core processors in October 2023 as part of the messaging that Intel’s 14th gen delivers the world’s best overclocking experience.

Foundation Toolkit Overview

Currently, the application is publicly available for anyone to try. However, please be aware that the Foundation software currently offers limited functionality. The toolkit consists of four primary tools:

I also made a quick how-to video guide for people who’d like to give Foundation Toolkit a spin. Check out the video below.

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