First 9.1 GHz CPU Overclock

I joined Elmor and the ASUS ROG OC team to achieve a 9.1 GHz CPU Overclock with a liquid helium cooled Core i9-14900KF Raptor Lake Refresh CPU. In this blog post, I want to share some behind-the-scenes clips and information on how we achieved this record.

So here we are. Elmor from Elmorlabs and I are ready to push the Core i9-14900KF to its limit while Shamino and Bing manage the temperature with liquid helium. It is our final attempt at breaking the CPU Frequency World Record with the Core i9-14900KF Raptor Lake Refresh processor.

It’s been a grueling and mentally exhausting week at the ASUS OC Event. Every result from last week’s record attempt failed to validate at the CPU-Z database. That includes several scores that would’ve been the new CPU Frequency world record. Following that disappointment, the team spent the entire weekend until deep in the night trying to figure out the root cause of our problems.

But that’s a long story I’ll save for perhaps another video.

Today, so far, the best we could achieve was 9 GHz. Not bad, given it’s only the second time a CPU passes the 9 GHz mark. But it falls short of our goal to break the world record with the 14900KF processor. With the last liters of liquid helium, we go for one final attempt.

After nearly a week of intense preparation, we achieved a new CPU Frequency World Record.

And, for the first time ever, got a glimpse at the possibility of 9.1 GHz.

9.1 ghz

To be continued, I hope …

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